And the Party Don’t Stop: Saturday Recap by CIT Abby

Saturday morning the crowds began to rise, but I’d been up for hours thanks to sunrise kickball (see my other post on that!).  I spent the morning writing and posting photos in the Summer Camp offices in the church, and by 1pm I was on my way…

First I headed over to the Starshine stage and stumbled upon a game of capture the flag for Field Day.  Being a proud member of team Red and seeing that they were short some players, I jumped in to help.  Unfortunately, the Red team was eliminated pretty early on when the Yellow team crept into our home base to get the flag… we’ll get ya next year, Yellow.

A few more steps, and I was at my first show of the day, JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound.  Their bio lists them as a “post-punk soul band”, and I think that’s a really accurate description.  JC Brooks himself has stage presence like nothing I’ve ever seen… in 90 degree heat and a full-on suit, he kept the crowds entertained and dancing – it was a great way to start the day!

Next up, I met up with some of my buddies at the VIP bar for burgers, margaritas, and playing some bags.

Gov’t Mule had a really solid set at Moonshine, and the dust was really raging with the dancing.  I like Mule, but I love Umphrey’s, so I left a little early to get a good spot and be ready to rage.  For me, I actually like the second set of Umphrey’s the most, and they’d pretty much stole my heart when I heard Rush’s Tom Sawyer start pelting through the field.

All day I’d been looking forward to Brain Damaged Eggmen late night in the Red Barn, and boy it did not disappoint.  It was a non-stop dance party and such a happy crowd.

Walking home through the darkness, I stumbled upon this artist working on a mural outside of the Soulshine Tent, and was reminded once again why Summer Camp is the happiest place on earth…