Nothing pre- about that party: Thursday Review

The one thing that anyone should know about Summer Camp, is that it really starts on Thursday, not Friday.  This year was no exception.

Things kicked off with a pretty insane windstorm.  If you were camped in the forest, you probably didn’t feel it, but anyone in open air certainly felt like they were in Twister for a while there.  Canopies were toppling over, tents falling to the ground, and dust at an all-time high.  But once the music started, who cared?

My day kicked off with Appleseed Collective at the Starshine Stage.  For an early set as people were just setting up camp, they really pulled a great and lively crowd.  Then I headed to Zeta Zune at the Camping Stage.  They were a little more rock than a lot of the jam & bluegrass bands around summer camp, which was a really nice change of pace.  They handed out a 6 song sampler that I can’t wait to plug in on the ride home.

We headed back to the campsite for a while to see how our compound (we call it “Camp Jorts”) fared through the wind.  Unfortunately, not well – but after putting things back up, we were on our way again!  Fist to quickly catch James and the Devil with our new friends from Colorado that are camping nearby.  James and the Devil were really great – sort of a rock & jazzy vibe with a sound that faintly makes you think of Sublime… but with a fiddle.  Trust  me, it works.  You know what else works?  The three band members that played shirtless – no women in the crowd had a problem with that one; they were adorable.

Finally, we knew that everyone had settled in once Digital Tape Machine started ramping up.  DTM is an awesome project combining artists to create original electronic music.  I’ve heard that they originally started the group to create music specifically to be picked up for video games, which is pretty cool… you can totally hear that as a possibility.  Cornmeal’s set with pretty much flawless, and there’s nothing like a Cornmeal dance party to get you going.  The glowsticks were out, the party in full force, and everyone was ready to rage all night.



Digital Tape Machine Thursday night

Moving into Friday, we can’t wait for the rest of the campers to arrive and get the real party going… it’s going to be a long day of back-to-back amazing sets, so keep an eye out for updates!  Don’t forget to follow #scmf2012 for updates on Twitter or check out those information boards around the park.