Last Minute Packing and Grilling Tips

Is it Summer Camp yet?!

I feel like I’m a kid again waiting and waiting for Christmas morning to come. haha.

The main topic to be talking about is, HAVE YA LOOKED AT THE WEATHER?! It’s going to be amazing! During the day it’s supposed to be in the 80’s and 90’s, and in the evening it’s supposed to be in the 60’s. That looks like some pretty spectacular festival weather to me. Just don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated while dancin’ your booty off with me!

Now I’m sure you’re in the middle of packing like I am, and if you drive a tiny car like myself, you’re probably having a lot of difficulty fitting everything in your car. Here is one trick that I’m using to get myself and my belongings to Scamp. Open up you’re wheel well and pack as many items as you can around your spare tire. Seriously, this will help. Here’s what my car looked like before I thought of packing items in my wheel well.

And here’s how much room I have after I packed my wheel well…….

and here’s a closer look of the items packed in the wheel well…..

It’s crazy how much room it gives you in your car!

Also, if you’re into cookin’ at your camp and love vegetables like I do, another good tip is to cut up all of your vegetables and put them in foil packets beforehand like this…..

(And don’t forget to add your seasoning and butter/margarine/smart balance/earth balance/Irish butter as well!) So when you’re tired from dancin’ and ragin’ you can just come back to camp and start up the grill.

I also forgot to mention that I’m excited to see the Food Patriots and Henhouse Prowlers in the Soulshine tent on Saturday at 1:30pm. The Food Patriots will be showing their documentary about their movement to open people’s eyes about the food that their eating.  Their goal with this documentary in their own words is to “start a conversation about food that inspires audiences to make a 10% change in how they buy, eat, and talk about food”. I am most excited in this since it’s something I strongly believe in. I’m studying dietetics/nutrition with one more semester remaining, and with my future career, I hope to help others live a healthier and more active life through their food choices.

Again, don’t forget to come dance with me and have a good-ol’-gypsy-punk time at Gogol Bordello! As well at all the other artist’s sets! See ya in roughly 24 hours fellow Scampers!

P.S. “Pac That” Yellow Team!!

Love, hugs, and thugs,