How to Party like a Chicken!

Hello again Summer Campers! We are now only days away from what everyone has been waiting for since May 29, 2011, Summer Camp 2012! In my last blog I told you how to set up camp like a chicken. This time I am going to tell you what things you need to bring to Summer Camp to party like a chicken.

Chickenhead hat – For me, one of the most important things I bring to Summer Camp is my signature Chicken hat. If you see me at the festival come and say hi and take a picture with me. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date of where I am at at the festival, give me tips on shows, post pictures, or make fun of me. Whatever you choose.

Costumes/Weird Clothing Items – Besides my Chickenhead hat you might see me in numerous other costumes that I am bringing to Summer Camp. I think costumes are one of the best ways to have fun and express yourself at Summer Camp. I will be appearing in: (in no particular order) a silk shirt with berries on it, McDonalds French-Fry costume, hamburger hat, inflatable sumo-suit, a kilt, and whatever awesome things I may find over the next couple days.

Toys – This year my friends and I all threw down to get some fun things for Summer Camp. I suggest teaming up to buy with your friends because the more you buy the cheaper you get it for. We bought 300 glow sticks, 22 sky lanterns, 20 LED balloons, and 6 tubes of glow paint. We will also be bringing a laser light machine, kaleidoscope, 2 muppet style puppets, 1 frisbee, 1 bottle of glow-in-the-dark bubbles, and whatever I pick up in the next couple days.

 Instruments – Music is the foundation of Summer Camp and when you aren’t seeing any performers it can be fun to make your own music or jam with other campers who brought their instruments. There is also the infamous Summer Camp drum circle that plays till dawn at the Campfire. We will be bringing ukuleles, bongos, a djembe, guitar, and nose flutes.

As you might have noticed I have will be continuing to look for fun things the next couple days, I truly believe that the search for fun items to bring to Summer Camp never ends. Send me a shout out on Twitter or Facebook if you have any tips for last minute fun/weird things for me and other Campers to bring with them to make it the best Summer Camp Ever.

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