Get it Right, Get it Tight- Dance Tips for you to Scamp By

Wuddup fellow Scampers! What a helluva journey the last few weeks have been! As one of your beloved Counselors in Training for this year’s delicious Summer Camp expedition, I welcome you to the madness! With only three grueling 24-hour sessions left until the horns, tu-tus, bag-slapping shenanigans begin, I invite you to let your inner Scamper start dancing this morning! Don’t be shy now people. It’s time you started infecting everyone around you with those disco butterflies grooving around in your belly on the reg. Click the name of the guitar masters, key shredders and bass overlords  < UMPREY”S MCGEE > and prepare to bring the boogie train all up in your workplace.

For your ascension into the mother-land of groovery, aka Summer Camp, let’s review a few dance tips to get your headspace right and your backstroke tight:

  1.  Nodding your head will not do. I say it will not do kind sir. Once your head starts nodding, you know the bass has hit you. It is now time for further movement. Start slow if you must but let your body get all wobbly. Fall into it like the first time you made love- all clumsy and silly like.
  2. Infect lone white boys afraid to make the move with your new-and-improved groove. Don’t be scrrrrd. Tap your neighbor on the back, nod your head and keep the conga line flowing. This shit is infectious!
  3. Ladies, hula-hooping is hella fun when you’re in the sun on an Umphreys high—but be careful that you don’t knock any of your brothas and sistas down with that whirly twirl. You know you have skills and we do too but make sure everyone has space to get their two-step on.
  4. Dressing up is always fun! If you don’t have one yet, you best make a quick trip to the Dollar Tree and find something that makes you feel as wonky as an Easter Bunny on Christmas morning. Head gear that makes you look like Tony the Tiger, a wonder woman bra and cape to keep everyone in check while flying around Summa’ town, one of those fake horsies on a stick…er…umm..whatever makes your man-humps sing Disney songs.
  5. Glow toys. Even though it seems that these things would have disappeared long ago—they have never lost their appeal, and for good reason. When the lights go out and the boom boom comes on, a little zippity-doo-da with that greenish-orange disco ball, stirs something deep inside. Do your thang you sexy Scamper. (P.S. The Dollar Tree has a ton of those too- for only $1)

Catch you on the fly side ~Tiffany