Are we there yet?!

Hello fellow music lovers! I’m sure everybody is just as excited as I am for Summer Camp. I can’t believe my luck in getting the opportunity to be a CIT in just a little over a week before the festival after somebody dropped out! Whoever that may have been for whatever reason, thank you, thank you, thank you! For those of you who have seen my video, I will unfortunately NOT be riding my pedal bike all the way from North Dakota to the fest. I am sorry if there is any disappointment. Trust me, I really wanted that journey.

This will actually be my first year at a music festival and I am extremely excited. I am also very humbled that I can come and experience it as a CIT! Here’s a list of a couple things that I am most excited for…

  • Gogol Bordello, Rebelution. Two of my favorite bands that I have not yet had a chance to see. I’ve been listening to Gogol for years now and finally get to go see them! From what I hear they are nucking futs on stage! Rebelution is just solid, their sound is extremely likeable and always a good spirit lifter. All good dancin music!
  • Drum circles? There has got to be some drummers out there bringin their drums. We shall unite, jam down and groove on! I will be buying a drum this week!

Soon these things will happen, soon. Until then… Party on Garth.