Summer Camp: The Final Countdown…(cue Europe song)

I’ve been working as a freelance music reviewer for awhile now. I started small reviewing shows for local musician friends, and worked my way into reviewing the likes of Cornmeal, Hot Buttered Rum, and Family Groove Company and interviewing Ben Folds and Steve Kimock. Music has always been involved as part of my everyday life, and I love writing about what I am experiencing because its something I am passionate about and comes naturally.  I’m going to keep the ball rolling at Summer Camp so i’m able to provide you with an inside glimpse into some of your favorite artists.

I don’t have a calendar OR a sundial, so i’m glad there’s Facebook to tell me how many days are left until Summer Camp! I’ve been outside of the office for two weeks now, and aside from growing a beard and getting pimped out for SCamp I’ve kept busy by scoping out various bands on the lineup (Henhouse Prowlers, Old Shoe, Chicago Farmer, Afternoon Moon, Elsinore) as they tune up for next week. Let me tell you they are just as excited as fans to throw down and get rowdy!

I’ve also been getting acclimated in the language of Summer Camp. I’ve learned about the evolution of a great festival and seemingly how people are always searching for the elusive Carl. I commissioned a forearm tattoo of the SCamp map for accessibility during the festival…but then found out they switched things around so had to scrap that idea. I started busting out my camping gear and thinking about sundries that will provide sustenance to keep my crew going strong throughout the summer day(ze). Our group always likes to bring stuff that’s portable and can provide a quick boost of energy that will keep us raging responsibly throughout the musically jammed weekend. Although, I hear the onsite food vendors are top notch as well, and surely will be grabbing some Minglewood Wood Fired Pizza once or twice…maybe thrice throughout the fest.

Also released this past week was 2012 Field Day schedule. I have fond memories of “capture the flag” from my younger day camp years, and have been formulating a strategy that will allow Blue Team to bring back old glory to its rightful home!  I used to be pretty fast back in high school (400m in 49s) and we all know that speed kills.

If you see me walking around make sure you stop me and slap me some skin, tell me what you are excited to see, what your crew does to make your Summer Camp experience your own.  T-minus 6 days people until the start of one helluva time!

CIT Dave