Moe. in Burlington, VT with Taraleigh

Hey!  It’s your Summer Camp CIT Taraleigh here and I had a blast at Moe. in Burlington, VT.  Check out some of the photos my good friend Josh Talbert captured of the band.  They are sick!  I also caught some video of the band rocking out and my reaction to the show at set break.  Check it out:)

Here are some quotes from some huge Moe.rons about the show.

“Those dudes are nasty.  That is all I can ever say about Moe.”  Jaq

“Vermont is normally cold, but tonight it’s hot.”  Me:)

“Hit after hit after hit and old school jams.  I can’t wait for the second set.”  Russ Mead

Overheard conversation

“Are they going to play Timmy Tucker with Al on Mandolin?”

“Um yeah.  It’s Moe.  They can do whatever they want except that Al just switched to guitar.  That Moe. is full of surprises.”

“The show was sold out yet everyone who wanted to be here is.  We are all lucky to be treated such excellence.”  Me:)