Be One of the Lucky Ones

You know you are one of the lucky ones when you stumble upon something this amazing. I was wondering the Jam Cruise boat looking for adventure when I heard Ryan Montbleau’s sweet voice coming from somewhere. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from so my husband and I started to follow his voice. It got louder and louder until we made it into the Zebra Lounge sometime on Tuesday afternoon which was a day that we were at sea. We gave each other a high five, a butt slap and a kiss because we knew we found some greatness that afternoon in the Zebra Lounge. Sitting in front of the stage was Ryan Montbleau, Zach Deputy and Tim Carbone from Railroad Earth and they were playing beautiful acoustic music. They were performing a rendition of Ryan Montbleau’s “Inspired by No One” with Tim on the fiddle, Zach playing guitar and beat boxing and Ryan on guitar and vocals. It was one of those moments where you just have you yell out, “Heck yeah” because you know just how lucky you were to be there. That is what happens on Jam Cruise and with artists like these playing at Summer Camp too…that is what happens there as well.

Be one of the lucky ones!!!!