Trombone Shorty Double Up

What a way to start the New Years Run…Normally I see 1 band for 3 nights for New Years, but this one was gonna be different.  Instead I’d be seeing 4 bands over 3 nights.  One of those bands and one of those nights was one of the best New Year’s Eve that has ever taken place anywhere in the world, but more about that in a later post :)

What I am here to talk to you about to day is a certain Mr. Troy Andrews, or as you may know him, Trombone Shorty.  I am not super familiar with the brass band jam scene, but all I know is Trombone Shorty is the BEST trombone player I have ever seen in my life.  On Wednesday and Thursday December 28th and 29th Trombone Shorty and his band, Orleans Avenue absolutely obliterated the Bluebird Theater in Denver.

I was lucky enough to know each of the 2 opening bands.  The first night, Kinetix.  The second night, the Fox Street Allstars.  Wednesday night Kinetix was amazing, and to be honest, I was shocked.  These guys were working with a new drummer and we all know that if the drums aren’t working, nothing is going to be working…to my surprise though, George, the new guy, not only learned the music perfectly (minus one hitch in the night…but hey, no one is perfect) but he CRUSHED IT!!!  They sounded so good, they looked so good, one of the best Kinetix shows I can remember, and I’ve seen these guys about 150 times.  Check out this sweet picture compliments of Kit Chalberg and Listen Up Denver, a great local music blog, check them out at


The second night was the Fox Street All Stars turn.  Just another installation of a local band wreaking sonic havoc upon the souls of the unknowing…I know, that was little out there, but basically they played a heck of a show.  Things are starting to come together for those guys…they are regular touring partners with the New Mastersounds, they continue to play great supporting slots at local venues, and they are about to get back in the studio to put another album together.  Their new songs are awesome.  Take it or Leave it is probably my favorite.  It’s a super funky upbeat tune and the first lyrics are “I know you like to think your shit ain’t stinky, but it’s smellin’ pretty bad,” so you get the gist of what the tune is about.  This show was phenomenal and their sound was a great fit for the Trombone Shorty crowd, so if you like him, check these dudes out.  Here’s a couple more pictures, this time from Tim Dwenger at Listen Up…

Moving onto the star of both shows, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue.  Man, they were amazing.  I would love to see these guys get a set a Summer Camp this year.  So much energy so many influences.  Sure it’s a brass band but they are influenced by jazz, hip hop, and they even do some light yamming.  Even if you aren’t into this genre, you need to see these guys perform.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Thanks again to Tim Dwenger at Listen Up for some great shots!