Roster McCabe Opens for Kyle Hollingsworth, Cervantes November 19th

What up Scampers?!?!!

This weekend I got to see an amazing show, the Kyle Hollingsworth Band, SOLD OUT at Cervantes in Denver!  I must admit, I am a casual fan of SCI at best and I paid little attention to their side projects.  Kyle Hollingsworth, however, is AMAZING and has opened my eyes…I once was blind but now I see…please don’t hate a wretch like me…

Well, Kyle was super funky and way more synthesizer based than I anticipated.  I don’t know the names of his songs, but Michael Kang came out for a bunch and they were some awesome jams.  I was way too into it at the time to pull myself away and get any footage, and for that I am deeply sorry.  In any case, you can look up some clips if you like but I am telling you, you don;t need to.  If the Kyle Hollingsworth band comes anywhere near you, go see him!

The same can be said for some buddies of mine, Roster McCabe.  Have you hear of them?  Well you will now.  Roster McCabe are a great group of guys and are a well traveled band.  They were opening for Kyle Hollingsworth at this show and I got a chance to ask them a few questions…You can see that below.  I also managed to grab a video of them doing Fame by David Bowie with Kyle Hollingsworth.  Check out the video and then check out Roster McCabe.  They believe you should have some music in your life regardless of what you got in your pockets so you can download ALL their music for FREE at


Jeff – Hey guys, so thanks a lot for answering some questions, let’s start off with the basics, where are you from, individually and as a band?

Roster McCabe – Jeff is from Grand Forks, ND; Alex is From Brooklyn Park, MN; Drew is from Bloomington, MN; Mike is from Oconomowoc, WI; Scott is from La Crosse, WI.  We all met in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area in Minnesota.

J – Nice, I always like to ask, where did your band name come from, it’s usually a good story, no?

RM – It is a great story, yes, but it is also a secret.

J – Haha all right, playing a little hardball, this one should be easier, how long have you been playing together?

RM – Jeff solidified our lineup in January of 2008.  We started full time touring in 2009, playing 150 shows in 2009; 175 in 2010; and this year we’ll get to about 180.

J – Cool, and what festivals have you played before?

RM – We’ve played a couple big ones but we’ve also played a lot of really cool smaller festies that are definitely worth mentioning. The full list is: Summerfest, Harvest Fest, Shangri-La, Bella Music Fest, Midwest Fest, Rock the Vine, Bandit, Co. Fair, Ifdakamp, Browntown, Jam-Boree, The Family Reunion, Great Aberdeen Pigout, Cosmic Railroad Family Gathering, Prairie Grass, Engelbrechts Homegrown Fest, Jam for Jam, and this year we’ll be doing Wookiefoot’s Snowball Festival in January.

J – Well hopefully this year you can add Summer Camp to the list…Including all those festivals, what would you say your biggest show has been so far?

RM – It’s a tie between opening for Stephen Marley at Summerfest, Matisyahu at Shangri-La Festival, and a show we did this past Saturday at Cervante’s Ballroom in Denver with The Kyle Hollingsworth Band and Michael Kang.  Kyle sat in with us for a rendition of David Bowie’s fame.  Definitely a show we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

J – All right, let’s switch gears a little bit, because I like to know more about the inner workings of bands and to see how that all goes, so, I know it’s a rather vague question, but tell us a little about where you are at in your career as this band and what kinds of initiatives you are taking to continue moving forward…

RM – We’re still a growing and changing band because we’re still so young.  This is only our third year being on the road full time and we’ve changed A LOT in that short time.  I’d imagine we’ll continue to change and evolve as time goes on cause we get bored easily.  We’re constantly writing and re writing our tunes to get them to a point where we’re happy with them and to get them to the point where we think they’re good enough to share with people.  We’re also constantly introducing new instruments into the band as we evolve.  A most recent introduction is the use of Ableton Live to get some of the new stuff sounding as close to a DJ as we can while still playing all the actual parts.  We’re never satisfied with where we’re at.  We always want to sound tighter. We always want to reach new highs with our performances. We always strive to be a better band in every way possible and I don’t think that we’ll ever stop doing that.

J – So, are you trying to get into Summer Camp?  If so, what is that process like?

RM – Absolutely.  Summer Camp has been on our list for sometime.  We think it’s a great festival with awesome people so yeah, it’s definitely something we would like to do.  Really we’re just trying to grow as much as possible in Chicago and the rest of the area as possible to ensure that we’ll bring people to the fest. We’ve been doing a good job of that recently, so hopefully they’ll take notice this year.

J – Anything you’d like to add to tell the fans of SC music festival?

RM – All of our music is available for free on our website at and we’ve got a bunch of live shows on the Live Music Archive.  To get a good feel for what we’re doing now make sure to get a recent show because like I said before we’re always changing – even if you listen to something from 6 months ago it won’t sound how we sound now.  And if you guys dig what you’re hearing make sure to let the people of Summercamp know!

THE VIDEO: David Bowie\’s Fame by Roster McCabe feat. Kyle Hollingsworth