Denver in July, AMAZING

Denver Music Scene, God I Love You

So I want to tell you all about 3 very different shows that I got a chance to see recently and just beg Summer Camp to put all these peeps on the bill for next year.  First up is Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  Good lord.  Now I don’t know if you have ever seen Grace, but that is exactly what she is made of.  Amazingly beautiful and classy, Grace has an energy about her that makes you go, woah…Now, if you have ever heard Grace Potter you already know this…her talent and voice surpass even her beauty.  It is really amazing.  She has so much power inside her that she can unleash on the crowd any time she wants.  Please Summer Camp Staff…if there is anyway to get Grace on the bill, DO IT!!!  Give her a night set and let her throw down!

Ok, enough of that, sorry, I just get really worked up when I start talking about Grace Potter.  Anyway, show number 2, some good friends and local heroes, Yamn, an amazing band from Denver, has played Summer Camp before.  These guys are really starting to make some moves professionally in terms of the quality of venue they play, the number of people they draw, and more.  The first time I heard these guys play I was like, did Umphrey’s and Sound Tribe have a baby?  Here is some clips from their New Years show up in Breckenridge:  I know if you see these guys, and they tour with UV Hippo some times, that you will not be disappointed.  They have a wonderful lighting director named Pauly who like Jefferson Waful is learning to paint the music with his lights and bring another element to the show.  I got to catch a great rendition of I Am the Walrus at the show I went to.  Seeing a band like this come up is really cool.  To meet their fans who support them like no other.  One of their biggest fans and my good friend Mackenzie Moore runs CAM Showear, clothes for shows…Yamn is the kind of band that brings people like her out of the wood work.  Check out her show clothes here:  As I get more and more into music, it is the local scene and the first fans of bands that really intrigue me.  I think it is easy to see why people are big fans of big bands.  But to “know” so early in a band’s career that they are the band for you, latching on and supporting them as friends and as musicians, it is a special community to be a part of.  If you have a band like that in your neck of the woods, tell Summer Camp about them cuz all these kids deserve a shot.

Finally, just last week, I got to see Mr. Eric Johnson.  If you don’t know who this guys is, you should.  Perhaps you know his most famous song, Cliffs of Dover…I didn’t but I did know this guy had chops.  With just a 3 piece he made so much music.  I saw some chord shapes on the guitar I have never seen before.  I think I have a new guitar hero though.  His stylings were really tasteful.  Beautiful chords, amazing solos…I got a bit of an Umph vibe off him and I would not be surprised at all if it turns out Jake was down with Eric Johnson.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know about a couple shows I had seen.  I’m heading out to see Styx and Yes tonight at Red Rocks, and August should be a good month for music too.  Until next time…