Phish Labor Day Weekend in ColoRADo

For 3 nights Phish descended upon Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, just outside of Denver Colorado.  To say the least it was a crazy weekend for me and I didn’t expect that to be the case…However, this is a blog so I got to say more than that!

Night 1, September 3, 2012 – Ssssstorms sssssuround ssssstadium ssssstaling show

Sssssssssssomething was brewing for this night and we should have known by the CRAZY storm overhead.  Several times before the show the crowd on the field was told to seek shelter for emergency purposes.  Some climbed up the stairs to the refuge of the mezzanine while most stayed on the field braving the rain and potential for lightning.  With only a slight delay, the storm blew through and the show was on.

My first Phish show since the Broomfield run some months back and there was wonderful energy in the air.  All day long I had been telling my buddies, “All I wanna see is a Sloth…my favorite Phish song.”  As the third song of the night Sloth blew me away and it was just 1 of 26 songs that ALL started with the letter S.  The band even went as far as emphasizing the s’s in their singing and speech.  What an amazing thing for a band to do!  To have so many songs in your repertoire that you can craft an entire show of songs beginning with the same letter?  That is a feat in it of itself.  But we are not talking about long, drawn out 15 minute tunes…there were 26 of them!

For me, however, the highlight of the show was Stealing Time From the Faulty Plan.  The jam and culminating peak of music blew me away in proportions I can only share with you if you too have had your jaw dropped by the amazingness of music…if you are reading this blog, you probably know what I’m talking about…if you don’t, come to Summer Camp and you will.

Night 2, September 4, 2012 – What NOT to do at a Phish show

So unfortunately for me, I could only make it to one of these Phish shows, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get back out to the venue.   So I don’t know what town you live in but you might have one of these floating around…

It’s one of these 16 passenger bikes that you can pedal around for booze cruises.  Anyway, I drive one of those in Denver and I had to work on night 2.  I get a call from a buddy of mine, let’s call him Lil’ Scoops…So I got Lil’ Scoops on the phone and he is sounding a mess, not in his right mind and it turns out he was booted from the show, he lost his jacket, and he was stuck in the parking lot.  I got off work about an hour later so I drove out there and got him.

Turns out this guy bought a seated ticket, while the GA was on the field.  All our friends were on the field, so, naturally he wanted to be there as well.  Time for festival ninja skills.  Being as sneaky as possible, about half an hour before the show, Lil’ Scoops managed to make his way onto the field despite security checkpoints!  YES!  He had made it.  But oh no!  The dreaded I’m in a place I shouldn’t be but want to be and I got to leave to pee and how am I going to get back in scenario!  Let’s just say the plan for reentry did not go as planned…

Lil’ Scoops, after relieving himself tries hopping a fence in plain view of a security guard.  Trying to use the right joystick from madden and juke the guards, Lil’ Scoops agility was not what it once was.  He was taken down by the guards, had his bag confiscated containing his jacket, and he was escorted from the premises.  Then he called me, and I made some moves.

But ladies and gentlemen, if I can tell you anything, this is something you should NOT do…if you get into the dreaded I’m in a place I shouldn’t be but want to be and I got to leave to pee and how am I going to get back in scenario, just HOLD IT!!!  Or get creative with your pee relief…sometimes a show ninja has to do what a show ninja has to do.  But once you are in, you can never go back out!


Night 3, September 5, 2012 – Woah, there’s a party at my house!

So once again, night 3, I had to work, but this time at the pizza shop, see (my apologies for the plug…not really though J).  Anyway, I had to work and then after, I went out for a couple beers with another buddy who couldn’t manage a ticket to the sold out show.

By the time we got back from the bar, the show goers were already making their way into my home.  With nothing to do with a Monday holiday, we were set to rage.  Did I neglect to mention that each of the 3 nights there were killer jam sessions at my house?  With a group of friends made of a lot of musicans, there is a lot of people who like to make notes in my life…Jordan Linit from Kinetix, Skippy Huvard from the Fox Street Allstars, Marcus Rezak from Digital Tape Machine, Charlie Mertens from Able Minds, all these guys have serious chops and kill it at what they do.  The quality of music at the 2404 basement jam sessions was phenomenal.  I am so lucky to have an amazing group of friends who love to have fun and share themselves with one another.  This night would include some partying at my place, a Tacos Rapidos run, some other party crashing, and some crazy stories that are probably better left unsaid.

Thanks Phish,