An Almost Famous Halloween

I’ve written about them before and I’m writing about them again.  For Halloween this year I got a chance to catch Yamn perform the music of the movie Almost Famous.  It was ridiculous!!!  Let me explain…

Yamn comes from Denver, CO and played Summer Camp a couple years ago and I’d love to see them play again.  They come at you with full force from the beginning of every show with trancy grooves and soaring guitar lines.  If you like Digital Tape Machine, you should give Yamn a listen.  Anyway, the show…It was at Cervantes, a wonderful venue in Denver that is very friendly to this scene, and just a couple blocks away from home.  I got my costume on (to be revealed in another post) and got ready to ROCK.

Now once I got to the show things got a little hazy, you can probably understand why, but I will tell you what I do remember.  The music was awesome.  Evoking memories of the movie, Yamn covered all the good tunes from the soundtrack including an amazing rendition of Fever Dog, the hit song from the fictitious band Stillwater.  Instead of a typical “tribute” show, however, Yamn blended the songs from the movie with their own groovy, synth laden, ripping guitar dance music.  It was seamless and many of the best lines from the movie were triggered by Brian, the lead guitar player, throughout the evening.  “I Connect!  I find the one guy who’s not getting off and I MAKE him get off!  Actually that you can print!”  Haha, got to love it.

So the show was a raging success.  A packed house and not a face was missing a smile.  It’s really special when a band can deviate from their “normal” styles and show their fans how versatile they can be and I think that is what Yamn did for me on Halloween.  They’ll be playing the pacific northwest this winter and they are going to be doing what I believe is their 3rd installment of a New Years Eve show at the Breckenridge River Walk Center.  I know I have said it before, but seriously, if you have a chance to see this band, DO IT!!

Rock Out with your Summer Camp Out,