EOTO in Burlington, Vermont 10/12/11

Burlington, VT has been on fire since the students have returned back to all of the colleges in the area.  There are a ton of amazing bands at the venues all over town each night that our biggest decision in life is what band to rock out to.  Life is very hard in Burlington:)  On October 12th kids ventured to Higher Ground to check out some fantabulous dubstep.  EOTO had each and every one of their fans dressed in anything from acid washed jeans to shiny jumpsuits with animal ear hats hypnotized with every whomp whomp they produced.  Michael Travis and Jason Hann are one hundred percent committed to giving the show of their lives every time they hit the stage, which we as fans really appreciate.  Every performance I’ve seen of EOTO so far, they have gone balls to the wall.  Actually I would say the balls crushed the wall.   You can’t help but dance, scream, shimmy, gyrate and maybe even pee yourself because you are so excited by the music.  I love EOTO so much I wrote a Haiku about it.

Jason and Michael

They bring the whomp whomp whomp whoooooomp

EOTO melts minds

I also write one of the poems where you come up with a word for each letter

E- Everyone feeds off the energy of the band

O- Out of this world raging

T- Too much for my grandma to handle

O- Oooooohhh! I’m so excited to see them at Summer Camp next year:)

By Taraleigh Weathers

Live Deliciously!