Madison + EOTO = A Ragin Time

You know living where I live is pretty sweet. I only need to travel a few hours to get to all the best shows in towns like Milwaukee, Twin Cities, Chicago and of course Madison. A short 2 hour drive to Madison led me to The Majestic to see Colorado natives Michael Travis and Jason Hann of EOTO. We get the venue to find out we had scored some meet and greet tickets for only $20. With that I had the awesome pleasure of striking up a conversation with Jason Hann who plays drums and vocals and let me tell you he is one of the coolest most chill guys I have ever met in my life. He is funny and charismatic so I’m sure he has no problem picking up the ladies hahaha. Any who, we chatted of course about the fabulous Summer Camp Music festival. I asked him what his favorite Summer Camp memory was and he didn’t hesitate when telling me his story. He said his all time favorite memory is getting stuck in New York due to weather. I know that doesn’t sound fun but what comes next would be a topper for me. He told me about being stuck and wanting nothing but to make it to Scamp so he had to do the unthinkable, hitch hike!!!! Just kidding they did do an outrageous stunt though. They had to rent a plane but not any plane, a private jet. YEAH BUDDY do they know how to rock it in style. He said the plane made it to Ill with just enough time to set up stage and start playing an amazing set. We joked about the cost of the jet and how is was mear pocket change. We all have $10,000 just lying around hahaha. But he also stated that he could never forget stepping outside after the show and finding ankle deep mud, who else can forget that. I got to snag a signed poster from them and make my merry way to the balcony to enjoy an awesome with my dear friend PABST BLUE RIBBON BEER. Nothing could go wrong.

Now let us review the SICK show they put on. I couldn’t believe my ears when they played one of my all-time favorite Tupac songs Baby Don’t Cry. I was pumped beyond belief because that was the last song I expected them to mix by the man himself Tupac Shakur.  They mixed a bunch random songs like the ever popular Nysnc, took me back to when I was just a weee little girlie and kind of made me giggle.  But let me tell you EOTO definitely knows how to throw down and get the crowd pumped. You can tell they are very fan oriented (like most bands) by their smiles and the connection they make with the crowd. I don’t think anyone walked out of that show dissatisfied. After a killer 2 set show all I wanted to do was rage some more. Sadly I had responsibilities in the morning and had to leave the Madison community to make my venture home. I was bummed the next few days when all the Wausau folk that attended the show talked about chillin with Michael and Jason at an after party at my buddy Waubs house. I was sad but glad at the same time. It only made me want to support the band even more knowing that they don’t let their fame get in the way of hanging out with the fans and just being regular dudes, mad props to EOTO.

All I have to say to you people is check out EOTO if you never have because no one I know has ever been disappointed.


Natalie Fletcher
Counselor in Training