Let Me Hear The Music

Ok folks, there are a few things that the state of Wisconsin is known for and they are the
cheese curds, the beer, the Wisconsin Dells and Summer Fest. Summer fest is the biggest
music festival in the US an it is held through the month of July in Milwaukee. The weather was perfect, the choice of friends who came were perfect and being able to pre party in the parking lot was even more perfect because then we didn’t have to buy drinks in the park. I was pleased to travel the 3 hours from my house on a special Thursday to make it to see the Summer Camp artists such as Yonder Mountain String Band, G Love & Special Sauce and Michael Franti all in one set. And let me tell you that was the down fall, having to pick between who I wanted to see because they all played at the exact same time…..LAME. But me being me I made it to all!!! I started at Yonder who played an amazing Kentucky Mandolin and helped me to boogie down with my close friends and fabulous boyfriend. I figured having my adventure start at Yonder was a good choice, they have always pleased me with how they open their shows and how fast the crowd responds to the twangy beat. After grooving to Yonder for a tid bit I mozzied my happy butt over to G Love who rocked the crowd and made me appreciate glow sticks the size of my leg because holding one of those babies up in the air for more than a second makes me wonder how people at Summer Camp can hold all the totems and such for a whole day hahaha. It gets hard if you have never done it before but seems to get easier the better the show I have noticed. Like anything else it easy to dance, sing, hold totems and such if you are an awesome set so G love made it easy for me. After getting groovy to some G love I made my way over to my first ever Michael Franti show and let me tell you it was nothing like I expected. I haven’t really listened to much Franti but that man can throw down and make the ladies woooh hehe. If you have never seen the man than I highly suggest it because he is tall and handsome. Not only that but the man had talent and soul. I would enjoy seeing him again if you know what I mean. But t makes me happy to have seen him for the first time with good friends of mine. I ended up staying at the Franti show for the rest of the evening. The energy from the crowd was immaculate and the music was new to me and good.

It was really cool when we walked out of the park when the music was over. Our hopes were high, our crave for music was mouthwatering and there were some talented boys right outside trying to earn a buck and feeding our need for more. These four boys were skilled and had their stuff together. It is so hard to tell you how talented they were but let me tell you I bet they walked away with at least $1000 that night. They set up right outside the main gates to anyone who walked by had to at least hear them. When we heard the commotion we couldn’t help but walk over and see what all the hubbub was about. They were playing 5 gallon bucks like I have never seen. They were playing right on with one another, throwing sticks in the air, saying their

little tone “we want a dolla, I know you got a 20” all together perfectly. It was really cool. And no kidding people were dropping in money like no other, some people actually were dropping in 20 dollar bills. It was nuts but they were good. A buddy of mine decided he was going to drop in $5 but he wanted to play with them and they were cool enough to let him, it was hilarious because he couldn’t keep up with their speed. It was all in fun though. But these boys played out there every night and made a pretty penny doing it.

All in all if you are ever in Milwaukee during the month of July I would highly suggest hitting up Summer Fest. It’s a guaranteed good time.

Natalie Fletcher
Counselor In Training