Sirius XM are Making All My Dreams Come True

One of my life long goals is to tackle all forms of media so I can inspire people to live green, healthy and happy lives full of love, art and music. One outlet I’ve had my heart set on for a while is radio. The station I have been lusting after is Sirius XM Jam On because Jonathan Schwartz is not only one of my DJ heroes, but he has had a huge influence on me when I was first starting the Healthy Hippie Magazine and still today. He believed in me and I have been forever grateful so not only do I love him for that, but I love what he does for the jam scene on the radio.

I was in the car riding down to Phish’s Super Ball when I heard Jonathan talking about a little show on Jam On called, “Roll Your Own.” During “Roll Your Own” regular listeners get to pick a couple of songs to play on the radio and tell stories about the songs. I knew I had to do one of these shows so on my cell phone I went to the Sirius XM Jam On’s Facebook Page and wrote on their wall, “I want to roll my own.” Their intern Andrew quickly responded to me that I was chosen and to pick five songs. I decided to play “Two Steps” by Zach Deputy, “New York City” by Moe., “Shine On” by the Ryan Montbleau Band, “Sleeping Monkey” by Phish and finally “I Want a New Drug” by Huey Lewis and the rUMors from Summer Camp. Three out of the five songs I played were Summer Camp artists.

I got to tell fun stories like how Zach Deputy has his crew drop him off a couple of miles from the venue he’s playing at that night so he can get a little run in and how Matty G from the Ryan Montbleau Band was suffering from sinus issues and I gave him the advice of going dairy free for thirty days and it worked and how when I saw Huey Lewis and the rUMors at Summer Camp I freaked out because I love both Huey Lewis and Umphrey’s so much. It was a dream come true and I got so much positive feedback on the Sirius XM Facebook page. My next step is for them to have me do a weekly show so I can showcase bands that work with non-profits, print their cd’s on recycled paper, do yoga, drive a veggie oil bus, eat local organic food, give to charity or do group aerobics together. Help me manifest it so it can become a reality:)

If you want to “Roll Your Own” show go on to the Sirius XM Jam On Facebook page and write on their wall that you want to “Roll Your Own.” Then you too can play all the Summer Camp artists you want. You can even tell a story about your experience at Summer Camp. How awesome is that???

Taraleigh Weathers
Counselor In Training