Did you see Digital Tape Machine at Summer Camp?

Did you see Digital Tape Machine at Summer Camp? I somehow missed it and after checking them out at their tour opener in Burlington, Vermont I am so sad. They were freakin awesome. Seriously. I loved them. They rocked my world. I couldn’t stop dancing, I didn’t want it to end. They rocked my socks off. So…did I mention that I freakin loved them????

The band is comprised of Joel Cummins and Kris Myers from Umphrey’s McGee and they are joined by a bunch of super talented Chicago musicians. There were so many people playing instruments on stage and creating a sound that is unique to Umphrey’s McGee, but a little more metal and a little more electronic. I guess that’s what makes them Digital Tape Machine and not Umphrey’s. Does that make sense? I’m not the best at talking about music so my suggestion would be for you to go see them and then let me know how you would describe them. It was almost like Umphrey’s McGee on crack. Mmmm that probably doesn’t describe it too well either. All I know is that I was recovering from a stomach virus and I couldn’t leave the room because the music was hot and my dancing feet couldn’t stop dancing even if I tried. It was seriously that amazing.

GO SEE DIGITAL TAPE MACHINE. You won’t regret it.

Go check them out yo!

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