Pizza Party with Dr. Dog

They might not be a summer camp artist (yet) but I caught two nights of rock and roll with Dr. Dog at one of San Francisco’s most intimate venues, The Independent. I first saw these guys at music festival in the northeast a few years ago and I’ve been a fan since. They’re definitely making the mark on the music scene and getting attention from hipsters and hippies alike. Both nights at the Indy (Tuesday and Wednesday) were sold out and they also performed at Dave Matthews Band Caravan stop in Atlantic City.

Dr. Dog brings impressive vocal and guitar harmonies. They’re strong songwriters to boot – I highly suggest giving The Rabbit, The Bat, and The Reindeer a good listening to. Songs can be both heartfelt and goofy, and they definitely have a Beatles influenced sound (but are also totally unique). Live, they’re music spans the gamut of influences and they have a commanding and often hilarious stage presence. Aside from the awesome musicianship that this band demonstrates, the second night at the Independent was particularly killer
for a uncommon reason.

During a tune called Fat Dog, guitar player and vocalist Scott McMicken asked a fan from the front row if he could borrow a cell phone to make a call. Politely, he makes sure it’s cool that he dials 411 and incurs a 50cent charge as he searches for a nearby pizza place. How many pizza’s does he want? All of them. Send all of your pizza’s to the Independent. Make it snappy please. About 20 seconds later, the stage is full with the band’s crew handing out delicious large pizzas!

Pretty amazing – these guys threw a flippin pizza party for everyone at the Independent. Totally badass. And the amazing part was that everyone actually got pizza! I was upstairs in the balcony and they even made sure to send pizza up there. When I left, there was still pizza out on the bar people weren’t eating!

Anyway, check out Dr. Dog. They might buy you pizza. And even if they don’t, you’ll get a kick ass show.

You can watch this whole thing go down on the video below. Skip to 3:30 to see the pizza ordering go down (or watch the whole video to catch these guys in action).

I’m thinking Blue Team needs to throw a Pizza Party at Summer Camp next year.

Jon Perri
Counselor In Training