Taraleigh Weathers “How Summer Camp is Different from Regular Life”

Sometimes when you come home from a festival as fabulous as Summer Camp, you need an adjustment period to real life and it’s no wonder. Summer Camp is a place of magic and amaziness that is often hard to experience in “real life.” Here are some reasons why Summer Camp is different from “real life.”

At Summer Camp you can hug random strangers. Sometimes “normal” people freak out when you hug them.

Dressing in crazy costumes is perfectly acceptable and actually recommended at Summer Camp. In normal life, you can dress in crazy costumes like I do, but people look at you funny…which is funny.

In “real life”the port-o-potties you see aren’t for you to use. They are usually for construction workers.

You have to drive places to see music.

If you wander up to a barn there probably isn’t awesome music happening inside…or maybe there is?

You can’t run around barefoot and play in the mud downtown.

Moe. and Umphrey’s doesn’t play for you almost every day and night.

If you go to play sunrise kickball, Ryan Stasik won’t be there.

So in conclusion….I would like to go back to Summer Camp now.

Love and light,

Counselor In Training