CAKE at the Ogden Theatre June 15th

June 15th was a Wednesday…not normally the most rockin’ day of the week, but this was not an ordinary Wednesday. Early 90s rockers CAKE were in town and my buddy got me a ticket to the show. We decided to make a day of it. Had some dinner, some drinks, met some new people, invited them to the show, it was all working out. Little did I know how epic of a show I was about to see. CAKE formed in the early 90s and went onto record some songs I know you know…”He’s going for distance, he’s going for speed…” and “I want a girl with a short skirt and a loooooooooooooooong jacket…” Now you know who they are? Good!

While those previous two songs were definitely the ones I wanted to see (they used them for the encore) I got a little bit more of a taste of CAKE than I had anticipated. The songs of their new album were great. Awesome production, a very idiosyncratic approach to music with very specific parts to be played including the use of a vibraphone.

Two super cool things happened at this show, however. First, the CAKE frontman has so much control over the crowd, it was awesome to watch. Dividing the group up he had us sing harmonic melodies. I’ve never seen so many people locked into a band I was unfamiliar with. The way he split up the group, and forced people “on the line” to choose what side they are on gave me goose bumps. If you have the opportunity to see CAKE perform live, whether you are a fan or not, go do it!

The second cool thing they did was give away a tree…a cherry tree. Apparently, for a few years now, at all their shows, CAKE gives away a tree that can thrive in that respective area to a member of the audience who can identify the species. They must swear within 30 days to have the plant in the ground and send a picture into CAKE. Here is a link to their page with all the tree information. Check it out and imagine, what if every band gave away trees?

Jeff Greenswag
Counselor In Training