Taraleigh Weathers “All Roads Lead To Home”

Summer Camp was a total trip! From showing up without my luggage to realizing on Monday morning that we didn’t have a ride to Chicago O’Hare Airport you would think that my time at Summer Camp would have been challenging. It was actually the opposite. It might have something to do with my laid back attitude and my belief that the Universe always has us at the right place, at the right time, surrounded by all the right people. You always get to where you need to be even if you take a different path than you thought. That totally explains my Summer Camp experience to a tee.

All the people I hung out with at Summer Camp were the exact people I was supposed to hang out with. This group of people were fun, generous, open, loving and huge music lovers. I was so grateful to be with such a fabulous group of people I now call life-long friends and, thanks to Facebook, we can all stay connected. I now have new friends in Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Illionois and California and they have a new friend in Vermont. That is what Summer Camp does. It brings people together. It creates life long bonds. It is wonderful!

When we were leaving Camp these people my friend Courtney and I had talked to earlier in the festival yelled our names. They said, “Hey! Do you two still need a ride to O’Hare Airport? Cause if so, we got you!” Holy crap!! We did and we were very close to sitting at the exit with a sign saying “O’Hare or bust.” These angels drove us all the way to the airport giving us a detailed tour of Chicago on the way. They dropped me and Courtney off and we both got
on our flights and went home. I was supposed to fly to New Jersey to see two nights of Phish, but I couldn’t get on a flight there, so I flew back to Burlington which is exactly where I was supposed to be. I realized that when I was sitting by Lake Champlain with my husband drinking sangrias and eating a burrito watching the sunset. It was heaven.

Summer Camp is a little piece of heaven too. Everything about the festival is pretty much perfection. The line-up is to die for, the location is beautiful, the community is the best, the staff is accommodating, the vendors provide delicious food and Summer Camp not only recycles, but they compost too! There is everything you would dream about at Summer Camp and actually…probably even more. It has the feel of a small festival with 25,000 people. I recommend that everyone and their mothers should check out this festival because it’s da bomb. Yup, I said da bomb and I meant it. I would say it again if you asked me.

Taraleigh Weathers
Counselor In Training