Jeff Greenswag’s Summer Camp 2011 Recap

Well, it took a week, but I am fully recovered. It took about 4 days physically and another 2 or 3 emotionally to readjust. There is just something about going to place as special as Summer Camp and then having to re-acclimate to life’s responsibilities. Overall, this was one of my best Summer Camp experiences. I met new people, heard new songs, found new bands I like and so much more. The weather could have cooperated a little more, but you don’t love the dry ones without getting muddy at the wet ones.

I really want to say how impressed I am with the Summer Camp staff. This year was the biggest and best I have seen the festival in terms of stage, sound, and light set ups, the attendance, and the lineup. The additional late night options were awesome and I can’t wait to hit up the 312 Vibe Tent late night next year…what a great stage to have access to. I was also digging the movement of the campfire stage to the bottom of the hill and a bigger stage with better audio equipment. It makes sense to put it where it was and I love that we got to see some “bigger” acts playing late into the night without requiring an additional ticket.

Speaking of late nights, there was a little shadiness this year, no? I saw kids with wristbands on that they had paid for being denied access to the red barn…Was it oversold? Did the security guards take bribes? Were people entering and peeling their wristbands off? I heard a lot of reasons and rumors, but hopefully it is something that can get worked out for the future…maybe free late nights??? I heard Wakarusa had mainstage sets going until 5am, wouldn’t that be lovely? Basically the request here is this, Summer Camp, MORE MUSIC MORE OF THE TIME!!!! Please and Thank You.

Moving on, I’d like to change the subject and talk a little bit about mustaches…A dying art, I decided to document some of the mustaches at Summer Camp. Maybe you met Parker with a walrus on his lip, or perhaps you saw Brainchild and Roy Ponce’s mustache. What people don’t know is that growing a mustache is a lot like living life. Patience and time to see it through, a vision of a future not yet seen, stray hairs getting in your mouth (metaphorically in life), growing a mustache is tough. I thought these people needed to be shown for their courage and efforts in the field of mustachery. So, for an overview of some of the nicest staches you’ll ever see in Chillicothe, check out my pics on the Summer Camp page…theres a little mustache expose on there.

Anyway, I want to take an opportunity to let you all know how privileged I felt to be a Summer Camp CIT. It was an honor to be selected as a fan worthy of covering the festival and showing you all how I like to do my thing in the amazing land of Summer Camp. We all have our styles at the festivals, from the mud lovers to the peeps who get hotels in Peoria, but we are all brought together by our common love of the music. Whether you were there to see one band or see them all, I hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I know I’ll be back next year, so if you see me, come say hello!

Cheers everyone.

Peace, Love, Summer Camp, Gold Bond,

Jeff Greenswag
Counselor In Training