Twister and Whisky

When I woke up on Saturday morning I was excited. Of course I was excited about all the great music to come that day, but I was excited about field day. I was a part of Team Blue where our mascot was Cookie Monster and our slogan was “You’re My Boy Blue!” I was signed up to play twister which I have been known to win a championship or two because of my agile limbs and freakish strength. I thought for sure I would represent Team Blue right. I arrived at the 312 Beer Tent and immediately started stretching while simultaneously getting teased by my opponents in particular the extremely spirited Red Team…and they were a force to be reckoned with their matching red t-shirts. The Red Team definitely brought the team spirit and their A game which is why they deserved to win field day. Ok…let’s get back to my twister experience. At first twister was very simple and no one was getting out. They decided to make it harder by not letting us put our right hands down. That made the game much more difficult. The other teams were trying to bring my spirit down by accusing me of cheating and telling me that my muscles were shaking and that I should give up. My muscles were totally shaking, but I didn’t let on that I was struggling big time. That is when they decided to make the game even harder by telling us we couldn’t put our right foot on the ground. Yikes! If you could see some of the positions I got myself into you would have been impressed. Let me say that I was thankful for my years as a professional cheerleader and dancer and I was even more thankful I decided to wear shorts under my dress. Soon one man started falling down after another and then just like that I came crashing down onto my booty. Thank goodness I have a padded booty or else that would have hurt. The Yellow Team prevailed that event and they deserved it. Twister is no joke yo!

I walked back to my campsite with legs that felt like jello from the twister workout I just received to check on my friends. I always knew how to find my campsite because my friend Allison had hung up a gold Santa in a tree. He was our beautiful gold mascot. My friends were inspired by gold Santa and were painting each other and getting sparkly . I jumped right into the festivities. We set out as a team with gold Santa to rock out all shiny to one awesome band after another. We saw Future Rock, Girl Talk, Keller Williams, Umphrey’s, moe., more Umphrey’s, more moe.. followed by some late night Lotus. Do you get the picture of how lucky the Summer Camp tribe is?!?! We get to see so much music and these are just the bands I personally chose to see. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself just so I could see more music…but then that could be weird because what would happen if my clone did something out of character like drink a lot of whiskey…oh wait that is what I did.

Taraleigh Weathers
Counselor In Training