Natalie Fletcher’s Sunday Experience

Sunday, the technical last day of the fest and I feel like I didn’t get my fix. This was the day to go all out and enjoy everything for what it’s worth. But not today, we woke up to a rain/thunderstorm which sucked but was sweet at the same time. It’s really cool to be that close to thunderstorms because you are so much more connected in a tent then you are in a house you know what I mean, but the rain turned all the mud into soup which caused me to retire the one and only pair of shoes I brought. I ended up going barefoot the rest of the fest but so was about 50% of everyone else so I felt I fit in pretty well. The rain also created a pretty sweet mud slide about 75 feet away from our campsite. Two ballsy people where mud sliding in their skivvies. On my way to a meeting I had I happened to line up right next to the guy right as he was belly flopping in the mud and got sprayed a little more than I wanted to but oh well. It’s not like I hadn’t had any mud on me at all throughout the weekend.

The mud not only created fun but a little bit of sorrow as well, it stalled the music. The set I was looking forward to the most was the Umphrey’s McGee and Huey Lewis set and it got a bit postponed. I was pretty bummed out about that but the set was everything you could ever hope for. Starting off with an All In Time and then followed by songs such as Women Wine and Song, Up on Cripple Creek, and I’m pretty sure I remember hearing some of the Ghost Busters theme song. I was pretty disappointed I still have never seen a live Front Porch and was hoping this would be the year but they say patience is a virtue ( I have no patience). This was a pretty big day for the Dubstep/Electronica shows. All the biggies played like Skrillex, Bassnectar, Eoto, Chalice Dubs Masquerade, not to mention Sound Tribe playing the late night. Im not real big into that style of music but I can still appreciate it. Bassnectar was absolutely epic, he played at the Moonshine stage and everyone went crazy. SOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE, it was a great turn out.

By the time the end of the night came I was absolutely pooped but that didn’t stop me from staying up a bit longer to enjoy the people of the fest. I ended up sitting at the end of our little lighted trial with a blinking light bubble gun. Yeah, it is a frickin sweet gun. So I sat at the end of the trail and bammed people, it was fun. Now if you have never been bammed by someone or bammed someone all you have to do is have a super sweet light or glow stick of some sort. You then take that stick or light and point it at someone and yell BAM!!!!! You then explain that they were bammed by the best and go on your merry may. It might sound lame or childish but hey when you catch people off guard it’s soo funny. I actually sat and did that for a good hour or more and personally I thought it was great. Now to sleep and prepare for the pack and haul back in the early morning, a sat night to come but he had to come eventually right.

Natalie Fletcher
Counselor In Training