Sunday Sloppy Sunday

Sunday was destined to be a weird day. The weather projections had been
strange throughout the week and ended up being completely right, it was strange – I’m getting ahead of myself. I woke up with my friend in my tent who asked me if someone had slashed or cut his tent. This bothered me and so we went to investigate, I mean who would cut up a tent? We got to the tent and sure enough the window had been cut open. A bit dismayed we asked his girlfriend if she knew anything about it and she said, “Yeah, last night I had to pee and I couldn’t figure out how the door worked. Actually I’m not sure if I opened my eyes.” She had woken up needing to pee desperately. The door zipper was either stuck or she just couldn’t figure it out – So she ripped a whole through the tent window so she could make it to the bathroom. This is when she was awarded the MVR, Most Valuable Rager. Outrageous.

We decided to go get a coffee at the Sunshine Stage and while waiting in line we
noticed one hell of a front rolling in. The clouds were just gigantic, the wind was
picking up and it looked like everything was about to turn to shit. So I headed back to the campsite, ran into Nick Stock on the way and told him everything was about to turn to shit. We tried to put as much of our stuff away as we could and hunkered down with a few 12 packs to wait the storm out. We were in the forest so the wind wasn’t as bad, but it rained like hell. And I turned out to be right – everything had turned to shit. We walked quickly to the Main Stage trying to catch the Wood Brothers, and instead we saw a pool, and a couple of kids dragging each other around on sleds. The rain had been so fast and so hard the ground had become sludge. We waited it out and by the time Bela Fleck and the Flecktones came on the Stage was ready. Well maybe, I’m not sure what you could to prepare for the Flecktones. Good God – these guys were just awesome. Bela Fleck- please come back to Camp, we need you.

I ditched Bela Fleck a little early (I know I can’t believe it either) to catch another
living, legend, Huey Lewis. I grew up listening to Huey Lewis and the News on every
family vacation and seeing him play with Umphrey’s was a real treat. While dancing
around at the rUMors show I found some people who had just given into the mud. They were covered head to toe. They had given in. I on the other hand decided to struggle to stay clean, what a waste of time.

Later that night, after scarfing down some more CeVapCiCi, we caught a little bit
of moe., and then headed off for some awesome, Widespread Panic. I still can’t believe that moe., Yonder, and Widespread were at the same fest. It gives me a jam orgasm just thinking about it. Anyway, Widespread started a little lated and we were standing in four inches of sludge and we had the best time of our lives! Widespread closed with Protein Drink/Sewing Machine and I had goosebumps. I raged so hard that my neck was sore for days afterward. And I would definitely do it again.

We headed back to moe. who closed with Rebubula which was amazing and we
made our way to the Wood Brothers. And thank God the Wood Brothers were playing. The earlier set had been canceled for the storm. There were some sound issues, but once they were on – they were on! I went in and caught some of EOTO, and they “covered” Say My Name by Destiny’s Child – I was in heaven. I came back out to the Wood Brothers, and Oliver Wood said, “You’re almost there, tomorrow you get to shower.” And he was right. The played Luckiest Man and I thought if I died right now, I could be happy.

The next morning, well it sucked. But Mondays normally suck and why would this
one be any different, right? It was humid and tempers were high, but I got my shower, and the experience of a lifetime. Thanks Scamp, and Scampers, I’m not good at goodbyes, so, “That’ll do pig.”

Joe Albin
Counselor In Training