Recap of Friday at Summer Camp

As you read in my previous blog I hadn’t gotten my suitcase with my tent, sleeping bag, feathers, sparkles or warm clothes, but because of the amazing community of Summer Camp I was completely taken care of. I feel so grateful I received the position of CIT and got to experience such a fabulous festival and all of the people involved. Extremely early on Friday morning I was awoken by the sweet sound of Ice T’s voice singing Today was a Good Day. I was getting into the groove of the song when I realized it was my cell phone ringing. I answered it and the man on the other end of the line was from the airport and he informed me that my suitcase was waiting for me at VIP near the flushing toilets and showers. How perfect was that? I was able to get my suitcase and pee in a clean flushing toilet at the same time…well not the exact same time, but you know what I mean.

I frolicked through the woods to the VIP bathrooms where my big red suitcase was waiting for me. It was being watched carefully by two smiling security guards. I gave them both hugs and proceeded to walk back to my site to share the good news with all of my new friends. A man from Green Vibes saw me struggling to get my suitcase back to my site and graciously gave me a ride. I was sooooo thankful! This is another reason Summer Camp rocks. They actually care about their attendees. They do everything in their power to make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy. This is something that makes Summer Camp a festival on a level above many other festivals and keeps people coming back year after year. Not only do they keep people coming back, but they have people telling their friends how awesome it is and that is why the attendance reached over 25,000 people this year.

I got to my site, set up my tent, put on some sparkly feather goodness and headed out to check out some music. The first band I experienced on Friday was Moe. and something awesome happened. The first ever Summer Camp Counselor Nicholas Stock got to announce Moe.! You could tell how excited he was and how much he loved this band with all of his heart and soul. It totally shone through in his intro and I felt pride that he was one of us. He was a music lover to the core and his dreams were coming true. How fantastic is that???

Then Moe. took the stage and I screamed at the top of my lungs, spun in a circle, looked around, took a deep breath and took in all of my surroundings. At that very moment I felt how lucky I was to be here. It was 75 degrees and sunny and I was surrounded by thousands of Moe. fans…I mean seriously…does it get much better than this? Actually at Summer Camp it does. Moe. played some of my favorites like Mexico and Kids. Dancing around in the 75 and sunny weather reminded me that I had to go run and see the Ryan Montbleau Band immediately.

Ryan and his band are very special to me. My husband Dan and I had the privilege of having the Ryan Montbleau Band play our wedding ceremony and reception and Ryan is one of our dear friends. We were born only two days apart and from the second we met we knew we would be lifetime friends. I am so proud of the RMB for playing at Summer Camp and Summer Camp is extremely lucky to have them play. When they first started playing there weren’t that many people in attendance. There was me, a man dressed up as Santa and about 100 people. Then all of a sudden people must have gotten sucked in by the sweet sound of the band because the next time I looked up there were thousands of people. Woohoo!

After watching the RMB I was high on life and I started to feel even higher because one of my best friend’s Courtney was set to arrive on site any minute and it was her birthday. I ran to meet her and gave her the biggest hug ever! That day we danced non stop to Cornmeal, Orgone, The MacPodz, Big Gigantic, Yonder Mountain String Band, Lotus, Umphrey’s McGee, STS9, more Umphrey’s and then Moe. latenight. I remember being at Moe. and I was so tired, but they were playing so well that I couldn’t leave. This is saying a lot about a band because I have seen them over 100 times and I couldn’t leave until they played their last note.

As you can see…or read I had a blast at Summer Camp and I will be convincing everyone I know that this is the festival to be at. This is the festival that shouldn’t be missed. This is where you need to be. So…is it Memorial Day again yet?

Taraleigh Weathers
Counselor in Training