Flying by the Seat of My Pants to Summer Camp

On Wednesday night/Thursday morning I was too excited to sleep. My alarm was set for 5:05am so I could make the 6:00am flight from Burlington, Vermont to Chicago and the time couldn’t come soon enough. I kept on sitting up abruptly to see the clock because I was paranoid that I would over sleep. I got my butt to the airport and checked in my bag. I was so excited it weighed 49.5 lbs, which is .5 lbs away from having to pay a $25 charge. That is an accomplishment in itself, since it had my tent, two sleeping bags, two pillows, all my clothes, sparkles, feathers and rain boots in it. I flew to Chicago easily and effortlessly.

When I arrived in Chicago, I checked to see how my next flight to Peoria, IL was looking. I fly stand-by and the flight was oversold by at least 20 people so I figured I should take the Peoria Flyer bus to Summer Camp. My luggage was going to arrive in Peoria at 2pm which was perfect because that was the same time my bus was going to arrive. Yes! While I’m on the bus I get a call from two of my friends that were supposed to be on the Peoria flight and they ask me if I’m on a big red bus right now. I was! The flight we were all originally going to take got cancelled so they rented a car and that car was next to the bus randomly on the highway. They told me to get off at the next stop and they would drive me. Awesomeness!

Then I realized that my luggage was on the flight that got cancelled. No big deal except that my tent, sleeping bag, pillows, feathers, sparkles and all my warm clothes were in there. The airline told me I could have my bag delivered in the morning when it arrives, so I gave them the address to 3 Sisters Park and told them to bring it to the VIP tent.

I ventured to Summer Camp with just the clothes on my back, hardly knowing anyone there. I found a friend of a friend named Allison and she is my angle. She gave me a feather boa hat, gold lame’ leggings, painted my face with glitter, a sleeping bag and a space in her tent. We spooned that night to stay warm and I was told that I was a fabulous spooner. I will add that to my resume. Haha! Anyways, her friends took me in like I was one of their own which at the end of the weekend I ended up being and gave me some drinks and food. I have to say that besides the music one of the best parts of Summer Camp is the community. It is amazing how a festival with over 25,000 people attending could feel so small and connected. Everyone looks out for each other and we all make sure that everyone is comfortable and having a fantabulously rockin time…and fantabulously rockin times we all had! Seriously…like the best times ever!
This may be bad, but I actually don’t remember any of the music I saw on Thursday, although I do remember I danced a lot. It wasn’t because I was intoxicated in any way, but it was because I was so enthralled by the festival grounds and the people. Getting there on Thursday is the best idea ever because you get the best campsites, get to explore the grounds, you can prepare yourself for the big event, you can warm up your boogy muscles and break in your dancing shoes.

I flew by the seat of my pants from Burlington, VT to Summer Camp Music Festival as one of the first ever Counselors in Training and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you everyone for voting for me and thank you to the beautiful Holly for creating an opportunity like this. I enjoyed getting to know the other CIT’s and the Summer Camp Counselor, Nick Stock throughout the weekend…but this blog is only about Thursday so with that…good bye and I love you all!!!!

Taraleigh Weathers
Counselor in Training