Summer Camp Overfloweth, and I Can’t Wait to Sop up the Mess

Normally, Summer Camp has started the Festie season off for me. There was a sense of anticipation – I would listen to moe. more, download songs by artists I hadn’t heard of, and check the page constantly for updates. This year, I thought that would be different. I thought that since I was going to Hangout Fest in Gulfshores, Albama the weekend before Camp that my anticipation would be thrown off. I was so wrong. While I’m still excited about Hangout (I get to see Widespread two weekends in a row!) I’m much more excited about Summer Camp.

I can’t wait to see all the bands playing. Now if you’re like me you’re definitely excited about moe., Widespread, Yonder, and Umphrey’s, but it’s the bands on the little stages where I will dance my pants off. No pants, literally. I can’t wait to see the Ragbirds again. Their worldly eclectic music lead by Erin Zindle fiddling her heart out will make your ass move. Coming out of New Orleans, I invite y’all to come catch the funk that is Rebirth Brass Band. And what about the Wood Brothers? I know I’ll be watching Chris Wood pick the hell out of that bass Sunday in the middle of the night. And while I’ve never seen Gaelic Storm live, the silly-fun nature of their song, Raised on Black and Tans has me ready to stop by and give them a chance.

Now, we all know the lineup is sick, especially if you’re into… well, music. The thing that currently really has me going is the Field Day competition. I think that’s what I love most about Summer Camp. I get to see some of my favorite bands, and act like a child. I get to dance with ribbon dancers and hula hoops, and blow bubbles and eat grilled cheese like there is no other food on the planet. This year I get to compete with the best random team of people ever (GO BIG RED!) I get to watch shows with them. I get to dance with them and rage with them and I get to play hard. So what am I excited about: SUMMER CAMP!

Ragin’ it all the way from New Orleans to Alabama up to Chilicothe, IL….

Shalom Y’all,

Joe Albin
Summer Camp Counselor In Training (CIT)